Coating and finishing

Coating and Surface Technologies are processes applied to the surface of precision mechanical components with the purpose to cover the substrate of steel workpieces and an overall coating to heat finished parts. A thin laminate sheet gives to the product resistance to ageing, to oxidizing and to the aggression of chemical and atmospheric agents. it has a lot of important characteristics among which it is a product cold applied, it is waterproofing and self-sealing, it has an excellent adhesion at low temperatures, it is heat stable.

Most of productive innovative realities use these Coatings to add new properties to their parts such as an essential part of the finished product. 

Reliability and high precision techniques enable our company to achieve levels of excellence in its performance, by availing themselves of professional and specialized services and complex solutions with improving levels of quality.

Coating Techniques

These resources contribute to the strengthening of strategic partnership for the supply of mechanical components on international territory and to give an impulse to new long term cooperation.

Thanks to a great ability to keep up with the times, V.G.A. Workshop for Precision Machining interests in implementation of more and new technologies to ensure developments towards the ever changing needs of our customers without ever losing sight of the principle of quality.

Coating Types

rivestimento dlc

DLC stands for Diamond Like Carbon

nichelatura chimica


nichelatura chimica


nichelatura chimica


nichelatura chimica

Carbon lafer

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