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V.G.A snc Precision machining company has grown at the end of 2003 by the corporate synergy of two professional young leaders, one specialized in engineering drawing, the other in precision mechanical machining. During the first months in 2004 the company started to provide Turning and Milling machining services for local clients and consequently huge orders/commissions which led V.G.A. to develop in short time an extensive Know-How including different production fields: Automation, Food, Packaging.

Thanks to passion, dedication and the aim to achieve more ambitious goals , in 2005 this small reality steps up the quality by the purchase of two CNC-computer numerical control machines : MAZAK Vertical Milling Machine with travelling column and a Revolver /Turrent Lathe and DEWOO Motorized Tools.

V.G.A. Precision machining company continues to invest in machining service facilities with the introduction of new machineries like Grinding machines, Oven for heat treatments and useful measurement tools.

Technological development and complete autonomous productivity, which is in line with evolving market needs, led V.G.A. precision machining manufacturer to the company reorganization. New high-level professional and human co-workers are conscious to be part of a close-knit staff and of an ambitious project. In 2008 it involves 12 skilled workers, 10 of whom are machine tools operators.

Great results obtained in previous ages and the certainty that human abilities and hi-tech are key factors for achieving high degree of competitiveness and quality, take Meccanica V.G.A. forward with two important investments: two 4 -axis CNC machines .

Machine park variety and flexibility allows to manufacture in short times single machined parts, prototypes and small batches, and to include further industries of interest to supply: Automotive, Oil Hydraulic, Hydraulic, Packaging, Earth Moving.

In this way VGA can face all needs of different clients and it boasts the ability to meet all requirements thanks to innovative strategies.

In order to grant the best supply performance V.G.A. starts up towards the ISO 9001:2008 Certification system. Since 2010 it has been the basis to manage production processes in every-single stage, form the received order to final testing of machined components being supplied.

Planning of supervisory interventions , required maintenance on plants or machineries and accurate check on measurement tools calibration are fundamental principles for ensuring Quality.

Thanks to the acquired knowing of CAD-CAM system, the company begins to cooperate with Research & Development centers in various fields of application as Pharmaceutical, Medical and Biomedical, and it becomes plaintiff of their projects on 3D Solid modeling and prototyping , as crucial techniques for these sectors.


The partnership with these important research centers brings V.G.A. precision machining company to compare oneself with leading tools manufacturers, by planning in their companies programmed interventions apt to define working parameters and to assure clients high quality finishing, that is to choose together special materials different from the usual ones worked as Aluminium, Steel, Inox, Cast Iron, Plastic, Copper, Brass, Bronze.

Internal audit aims to transfer these experiences to its team since V.G.A sustains that the everyone professional growing is the added value to reach a common purposeful goal: THE SUCCESS.

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