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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have minimum order quantities?

No, we don’t. We can manufacture single mechanical components as well as different batch quantities required in your orders.

What are your delivery times?

Parts are delivered after inspection and within the delivery date confirmed.

Does your Mechanical Workshop supply only locally, in Italy?

No, it doesn’t. The Mechanical Workshop delivers precision mechanical components in Italy and Abroad.

What are your fields of application?

We operate in various markets, such as: Automotive, Medical, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Earth Moving, Racing, Oildynamic,Hydraulic, etc.

Do you issue certificates and warranties?

We can issue all material and treatment certificates, and inspection reports if required by the client.

Are mechanical components tested before being delivered?

Yes, they are. All parts are regularly tested  with accuracy before the shipment.

How are your testing activities organized?

Any testing and inspecting procedures are applied in our air-conditioned testing room with high-technology equipment for regular calibration measuring.

Is your mechanical workshop certified?

Yes, it is. V.G.A. has adopted an integrated management system compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 standards


What dimensions are to be machined?

We can make: turnings of parts with a diameter  of 600mm,  and milling of parts with the maximum size 1600mm x 510mm x 510mm.

What kind of material do you use for machining?

We manufacture Mechanical Components of any material: Aluminum, Steel, Inox, Cat Iron, Plastic, Copper, Brass, Bronze. We make also use of Special Materials.

What kind of machineries has your Machine park?

Visit our Machine park.

What are your General Supply Terms?

Visit our General Supply Terms page.

Do you provide for Heat Treatments in house or by subcontracting?

Depending on the type of Mechanical Components and Machining required, we decide to realize the Heat Treatment by ourselves or by subcontracting to selected qualified and certified expertise.

Could you offer carpentry and welding processes?

Yes, we can offer carpentry and welding on small-sized parts.

What kind of machining can you provide for?

We can provide for  turning, milling, and grinding processing as well as treatments and coatings.

Visit our Machining Services Page.

Do you provide for advice and assistance in projecting phase?

Yes, we do.  V.G.A. Mechanical Workshop makes its know-how and professionalism available for supporting its clients from the design-phase to manufacturing phase in order to optimize the final result reaching the best one.

How are deliveries carried out?

We make punctual deliveries by our own vehicles or shipping by reliable and efficient couriers.

Submit your CV

If you are interested in our recruitment process send your resume spontaneously to the following e-mail address info@meccanicavga.it. The Manager will explore the specific skills listed on the CV , hence potential employees’ experiences and interests will be evaluated to check whether they could be suited for the opened position.