General Supply Terms and Conditions


General terms of supply are in force and agreed by the parties, subject to our general terms and conditions of supply as written below:

  1. Payment terms: Invoices have to be paid directly to V.G.A. S.n.c. trough bank transfer, bank order or bank cheques unless otherwise agreed with the Accounting Manager. Any default of the agreed payment terms will lead to the application of the interests calculated by the Italian Banking Association (ABI) increased by two points, plus bank expenses, without prejudice to any greater damages.
  2. Validity of the offers:  A month after the date of issue.
  3. Delivery terms and status of the order processing: V.G.A. S.n.c reserves the right to process only part of any order. Delivery times are intended to be informative and therefore , for reasons not depending by its will because of an event of force majeur and/or Act of God, V.G.A. S.n.c. wil be  excused and released from not in-time deliveries and indemnification obligations toward the Client. V.G.A. S.n.c. will  promptly inform by written notification the impediment  for reasons beyond the control of the Company. The products are sold Ex Warehouse. By derogation, in case of Ex works conditions agreed, EXW means that the  buyer incurs the risks for bringing the goods to their final destination, even if the seller is responsible for loading the goods on a vehicle.
  4. Claims: Claims regarding the delivered products shall be notified to V.G.A S.n.c., in writing, sent by registered letter with return receipt within 8 (eight) days from the delivery. In any case no claim shall justify the delayed or non-payment.
  5. Warranty: V.G.A. S.n.c. gives a generic warranty for its single products which have no defectiveness, suitable for intended use, for 12 months from the invoice date. The warranty consists on the repairing or substitution of the defective component or of the single defective part. V.G.A. S.n.c. is entitled to refund the purchase price. The warranty covers the substitution and the manufacturing of the component according the technical information and/or the certification and/or specific tests explicitly declared.
  6. Goods return: Before any return procedure, the Client has to make a written claim by fax and the good return has to be previously authorized in writing by V.G.A S.n.c. The goods shall be well packed and without transport damages. The Vendor isn’t responsible for non-authorized returns or negligent packing. Cost and expenses of the return are born by the Client and the goods will be sent back to the Client with transport charges to be paid by V.G.A. S.n.c. itself.
  7. Standard references: V.G.A. S.n.c. applies a Quality Assurance System for its supplies, certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Management System Standard.
  8. Geometrical tolerances, linear measures and  level squares: The Client shall absolutely give clear and precise explanations on geometrical and dimensional tolerances drawn and to be applied on manufacturing. Dimensional report shall be required with the request for quotation and then confirmed with the order. Otherwise V.G.A. S.n.c. won’t get any certification. In case of contradictory and not precise information as well as any other specific requirement, V.G.A. S.n.c. shall use the following valid criteria: Medium Tolerance Class according to UNI 2768-1 and Medium Tolerance Class in Tabular UNI  2768-2. These general tolerances shall be used as valid measures during machining and shall be taken into account by V.G.A. S.n.c Workshop for final testing activities. The Vendor is not responsible for any superficial or heat treatments made after its testing activities (unless otherwise specified) which could cause deformation or manumission of the measurement already certified.
  9. Materials: The Client shall provide clear and accurate information on materials to be used for machining the mechanical designed components. Dimensional report shall be required with the request for quotation and then confirmed with the order. Otherwise V.G.A. S.n.c. will not  get the material certification.
  10. Heat treatments and characteristics: The Client shall provide clear and accurate information on heat treatments to make on materials of the mechanical designed components. Any certification of heat treatments  shall be required before the machining. Otherwise V.G.A. S.n.c. will not  get some certification after the goods shall be delivered.
  11. Handling of personal data: (Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 on handling the personal data). The processing of personal data will be carried out in compliance with the fundamental rights and freedom, as well as the dignity of the interested part, with specific attention to privacy, personal identity and the right to personal data protection;

Pursuant to the article 13 of such Decree, we inform you that:

a) Personal data will be processed in accordance with General Authorization of the Client within duties and contractual obligations and required by law

b) The handling of personal data is carried out both by using paper support and data processing, in keeping with measures of protection to guarantee security and privacy and provide limitation of provision to a third party or unauthorized parties.

c) The communication of personal data is mandatory as required by legal and contractual obligations but the failure to do so may cause the interruption of the business relationship

d) Personal data may be communicated and handled by the interested party , by the person appointed for the responsibility of handling Personal data as well as by other subjects within their duties and/or contractual obligations with the same, related to the commercial and financial relationship, tax and customs purposes with the interested parts and hence communicated to banks, consultants and professionals, legal entities, credit institutions, debt collection agencies etc.

e) The holder of the handling of the personal data is V.G.A. S. n.c. located in via Imbriani, no. 370 -76011 Bisceglie (BT)

f) The person responsible for the handling of the personal data is Mr. Antonio Amoruso

g) Users may exercise their rights under article 7 of the Privacy Code no. 196/2003

Pursuant to article 1341 of the Italian Civil Code, the contracting party declares to having taken note and to have expressly approved  the clauses included in the following articles: 1) Payment terms 2) Validity of the offers 3) Delivery terms and status of the order processing 4) Claims 5) Warranty 6) Goods return 7) Standard references 8) Geometrical tolerances, linear measures and  level squares 9) Materials 10) Heat treatments and characteristics 11) Handling of personal data.