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Thanks to the success of the first publication of the article and interview on Macchine Utensili Magazine, which presents us as the machining excellence in the South of Italy, the journalist Giusy De Donno, editor of Subfornitura News and Metalworking magazine dedicated to the best suppliers, contacted us offering the republication of the same article on the pages of Subcontracting News of November; Chip removal section. The particular interest shown on VGA mechanical methods and production technologies in manufacturing adressed to different markets is now aimed at potential customers .

The magazine is in fact read by manufacturers of industrial machineries such as machine tools, food machinery, packaging machinery, automotive sector, racing and so on. VGA largely cooperates with these national and international companies by suppling its experience. Suppliers are involved directly with the fulfilling of customer demands, by implementing their clients’ productivity, in our case by the manufacture of high-precision mechanical parts on customers’ drawings and orders.

This publication is the welcoming reaffirmation of VGA successful growth in this last demanding and prosperous year, as well as the opportunity to present to customers our added value, know-how, professionalism, efficiency and reliable services.