Surface Treatments

V.G.A. Precision Machine Workshop supplies finished products by including surface finishing services: Heat Treating and Surface Finishing of machined parts used to improve corrosion resistance and to optimize the surface of a manufactured item.

Surface finishing are categorized and choosen by customers according to mechanical properties and final surface aspect they need; this is the reason why the precision machining manufacturer V.G.A, thanks to its reliable partners, their equipment and certification can guarantee a broad range of surface finishes of machined components. See the list below.

Surface Treatments

The goal of V.G.A. is to supply its customers with a complete service for all needs related to Precision Machining, this runs the company to cooperate with specialized Treatment -Service- Companies , so that all technical aspects and single requirements on precision parts are analyzed to find the best final solution.

This strong partnership and ever evolving experience in precision machining are fundamental for the company’s politics of satisfying all custom requirements, such as surface finishing processes, in very short times.

Have you just found the surface treatment for you?