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PVD Coating

Pvd Coating is particularly suggested for Mechanical Components with high performance mechanical features as excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature and good impact strength.

PVD coatings are divided into two categories. Technical PDV is a coating with very fine aesthetic finishing, surface hardness, UV rays resistant, acids and solvents resistant and it is above all highly resistant to corrosive conditions more than other Thermal Treatments. The Decorative PVD has the same technical features of the Technical PVD Coating. In this case it should meet less functional requirements of durability and scratch resistance and more aesthetic appearance advantages. Leveling effect can be achieved by using a lacquer with low  thickness  0,2 µm – 2 µm and depositing the PVD coating on top.

V.G.A can provide for the best techniques for Coating thanks to its partnership with sub-suppliers qualified in Precision Mechanics. The long experience acquired during the years allow to supply and propose a wide range of coating techniques according to clients’ needs and application field.

This coating is just the beginning

VGA snc provides many more coating techniques