CVD coating

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is an atmosphere controlled process conducted at elevated temperatures. During this process, thin-film coatings are formed as the result of reactions between various gaseous transported through the reactor, distinct coating layers are formed on the tooling substrate.

CVD coatings provide excellent resistance to the types of wear , adhesion characteristics , deposit of conformal films and augment substrate surfaces depositing extremely thin layers of material on complex-shaped Mechanical Components.

CDV process has limits in Precision Mechanics because the chemical process decomposes the substrate surface at high temperature and differently from PVD there is the necessity to redefine the original properties of steel trough Heat Treatments.

Classic CVD Technology cannot be then used on a great range of Steel Machined Parts with tight tolerances and mechanical components with  complex geometries.

This coating is just the beginning

VGA snc provides many more coating techniques